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2004 Van Diemen Formula X RF04 CFX

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Engine Ford 2000
Chassis no. 3289
Race Car
Spare Parts Available

Van Diemen was founded in 1973 by Ross Ambrose and Sr. Ralph Firman in England.
The company's name comes from the Australian island of Tasmania, formerly known as Van Diemen Land and where Ross Ambrose was born and lived, before moving to Britain and founding the company.
The company had an excellent reputation for the high volumes of chassis production for Formula Ford, which have exceled in that automotive category for over 20 years and becoming the largest manufacturer of custom-made racing cars worldwide.
Van Diemen has also built cars for the Formula Ford 2000, Sports 2000, and Star Mazda.
A curiosity: Van Diemen factory was located near the Snetterton Circuit and this allowed customers and engineer to test the cars and make any changes in a timely manner.

- Racing cars, recently tested during a general review carried out by our mechanics.
- Bodywork in excellent condition
- Momo racing steering wheel
- Sabelt belts
- Fully functional on-board instrumentation
- Suspensions and terminal new exhausts
- Restored rims

You can see the car online, booking a live call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Meet platforms.


MarkeVan Diemen
ModellFormula X RF04 CFX
GetriebeSequential 6 Speed

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