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1972 Alpine-Renault A110 1600 S "VB"

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*Chassis No. VIN 17962
*Manufacturing No: 5579
*Engine – Type 807-25 - Matching number
*Color: Bleu Alpine – Matching color
*Manufacturing Year: 1972
*Registered in France on 28/04/1972
*Certificate of Origin from Alpine Renault of 24/05/2000
*Certificato of Conformity from Alpine Renault of 24/05/2000
*Registered in Italy on 06/05/2015
*Car origin: France – Previous plate 9021ZC42

The History
The history of the Alpine brand begins with the name of "Société des Automobiles Alpine SASU" or more simply Alpine, a small French car manufacturer specializing in sports berlinettas, founded in 1955 in Dieppe by Jean Rédélé, son of the local Renault dealer.
In the early 1950s, Rédélé enjoyed numerous successes driving a Renault 4CV developed by him, which also earned him a certain notoriety among the drivers of the time, who from time to time commissioned him to race cars.
The increasingly frequent requests led him to set up his first company and, in 1954, Rédélé presented the prototype "The Marquis" designed by Giovanni Michelotti at the New York Motor Show, which is unanimously considered the first Alpine ever produced.
But the most famous and victorious Alpine ever, only arrived in the 1960s: low, profiled, beautiful, the new A110 was born on Renault 8 mechanics with just one liter of displacement. The debut is so promising that it has convinced the Renault top management to invest significant capital in collaboration with the Dieppe factory, which can now finally access, without any limitations, Renault mechanical production.
In the wake of an unstoppable sporting success, the evolution of the A110 continues for a few years. The displacement is increased to 1300 cc and subsequently to 1600 cc. which make the car increasingly competitive internationally.
In 1971 the definitive consecration to the Monte Carlo Rally, a success then repeated in 1973, the year in which the Alpine became World Champion, beating giants such as Porsche, Lancia and Ford. It will be the pinnacle of his sporting career and brand awareness.
Also in 1973 with the ongoing oil crisis, the global austerity policy crushed the sales of sports cars, including Alpine. The A110 is a 10-year old model now and subdued compared to the new competition, Lancia Stratos above all.
In 1995, the Alpine brand disappears from the lists but the Dieppe factory continues its activity by producing some sporty Renault.

Our Alpine-Renault A110 S "VB"
This Alpine A110 S VB 1600 is the same version of the A110 that won the 1973 World Rally Championship, but it is also the most sought after between Alpine A110, thanks to its very brilliant engine. The car is road legal, a real rarity for this model, considering that over the years, most of the Alpines A110 have been transformed into racing cars. The Gotti three-hole rims are splendid.
The car was registered new in France on April 28, 1972, where it remained until May 2015, when it was purchased by a well-known collector from Piedmont, who kept the car in excellent mechanical and body condition up to the present, using it exclusively in occasional appearances in historical gatherings.
The engine has recently undergone careful maintenance work. Ignition is quick and the engine sound is full and powerful.
The interiors, although spartan as originally, keep their racing charm intact.
The Alpine A110 is finished in a proper metallic blue, with matching numbers for both the color and the original engine.
This fascinating Alpine Renault is ideally ready to participate in historical races or rallies and is visible in the Ruote da Sogno showroom in Reggio Emilia - Italy
It is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with our commercial operator, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.


ModellA110 1600 S "VB"

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