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*POWER: 400 HP
*CHASSIS: ZFFYR51B000119943
*CONDITION: Preserved
*PAPERS: Regular
*CARS MADE: 16.200

The History

The mechanics of the F355 were transferred to the new Ferrari 360 by making some changes: the real innovations in this sector, namely the distribution with five valves per cylinder, the six-speed gearbox and the possibility to adopt for the F1 sequential robot type, were the very ones that the F355 had brought.
The generational change, which by now cannot be postponed, of the 360 ​​on the 355 mainly affected the chassis and bodywork; while the engine saw an increase of two mm in the stroke of the pistons, an operation that led to the increase of the displacement from 3,496 to 3,586 cc and of the power from 380 hp to 8,200 rpm to 400 hp round at 8,500 rpm: a maximum rpm that reassures the sportiness of the engine and its unchanged ability to emit bewitching sounds for any enthusiast.
The chassis, on the other hand, changes completely while remaining monocoque: on the 360 ​​Modena it is, for the first time on a Ferrari, entirely in aluminum and allows the final dimensions of the car to be considerably increased without affecting the weight, which remains almost unchanged compared to to that of the progenitor.
Fifteen centimeters more in wheelbase, twenty-two in length and, above all, the additional sixteen centimeters on the front track, make it another car: more stable, much better habitable and with a driving position finally free from legs inclined towards the center because of the bulk of the wheel arches; a circumstance that also made it difficult to enter and exit the cockpit.
The bodywork is also entirely in aluminum which, of the F355, retains only the four rear spotlights in the traditional round configuration; otherwise all new impeccable and stylistically very seductive.
Very pleasant is the new choice of the transparent "rear window" that allows you to admire the powerful and refined engine in all its magnificence.
Performance remains spectacularly at the top of the market: almost 298 kph and less than 23 seconds on the kilometer from standstill are figures that testify that, beyond the current follies, the 360 ​​has reached a level that satisfies the wishes of anyone while maintaining the most electronic aids that a true driving enthusiast can tolerate. ASR (conveniently disengageable) to avoid the risk of burning the tires at every departure less than reasoned and ABS (integrated by EBD and MSR) for the necessary braking safety on our common roads that are often poorly adherent. Ultimately a very enjoyable Ferrari V8, the first truly modern that was able to thrill even Michael Schumacher when he tested it for the first time.

Our Ferrari 360 Modena

The car is in splendid bodywork and mechanics conditions.
The interior, in beige leather, is like new. Interior aluminum inserts have been used to give visual and tactile continuity, as well as the panels covering the center console, the lower door ornaments and the instrument panel finish.
All the instruments, among which the large tachometer stands out, are in perfect working order. The main controls are located on the left, while in the center, in a small console, there are those in common with the passenger, such as the air conditioning, the radio and the windows and no traces of wear are present.
On the road the braking is progressive and without embarrassment, the road holding excellent as befits a Ferrari of rank.
Shifting is precise and fast, thanks to sensors that automatically adjust the throttle opening during shifting, to make the operation smoother.
The equipment is completed with double airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and a stereo system.
Thanks to its smooth lines, which still maintain the dictates of the contemporary world intact, without being affected by the twenty years since its debut, this Ferrari 360 Modena remains a car with a strong impact on the fans of the Prancing Horse.
This beautiful Ferrari F360 Spider has traveled only 59,000km and today represents an excellent investment with constantly growing prices.

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