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1963 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE

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The history of the Mercedes-Benz W111 began in 1956, when the then technical director Fritz Nallinger began presenting the project relating to the replacement of the 220 Ponton. On several aspects, Nallinger left the workers carte blanche, but on three aspects he was adamant: the new car had to ensure safety for the occupants, it had to be spacious and was not to be launched later than the autumn of 1959. The Stuttgart company, when designing the W111, adhered to modern (for the time) principles of passive safety: living cell formed by a solid cage reinforced with steel tubes, large areas of the body with programmed deformation and collapsible steering column. In addition, the same emblem of the House placed on the radiator was deformable and gave way in case of impact. It was the first Mercedes-Benz to adopt these design criteria.
Everything inside the W111 was devoted to maximum comfort possible at the time. There was a heating system in which the right and left areas of the passenger compartment were made independent, a sort of very first two-zone configuration. In addition, the large cockpit was also brightened by the large glass surfaces which also contributed to optimal visibility at various angles.

This car has been preserved since 1993 and is in perfect condition.
A large number of original spare parts and many new ones are available, such as some gaskets worn by time over the last 25 years.
This car has never been used in the rain.
It shows no signs of rust.
Registered in the ASI historical register (Automotoclub Storico Italiano)


Modell220 SE

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