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1996 Porsche 993 Carrera

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Chassis: WP0ZZZ99ZTS314866
Engine: Boxer 6
Displacement 3625 cc
Power 285 HP
Manual 6 Speed Gearbox
Certificate and statements ASI n. 276059/a
The Porsche 911 series 993 made its debut in September 1993.
Thanks to its innovative technical characteristics and refined lines, the fourth generation of the 911 is still one of the most sought after by collectors.
From a stylistic point of view, the differences compared to the previous 964 series were evident: the bumpers, wider and more rounded, were made with the use of deformable plastic. The front bumper integrated into the bodywork; the front lights were made with a more accentuated angle of inclination than the previous.
The rear lights, on the other hand, remained faithful to tradition; also, on the Porsche 911 series 993 there was the reflective fitting band bearing the "Porsche" name that joined the rear lights. The bonnet behind, as on the previous 964, integrated an automatic extraction spoiler.
The Porsche 911 series 993 also saw the debut of the aluminum multilink (or multiple arms) rear suspension, designed to optimize wheel oscillations, and make the rear of the car more stable, allowing more comfortable driving thanks to vibration absorption, but at the same time ensuring greater responsiveness in corners with consequent reduction of oversteering.
The Porsche 993 was the last 911 with an air-cooled engine.
The car is in excellent bodywork and mechanical condition and has recently been overhauled, resulting in the development of the entire engine.
The brakes have been restored and the discs rectified. Red brake calips.
The gearbox has also been overhauled and is precise and with quick coups.
The black leather interior has been restored to new and is in excellent condition and without scratches.
Original Porsche alloy wheels as new, as well as tires.
The overall impression is that of a very well-maintained car with a bright future.
After a few years on the roller coaster, today the prices of the "modern" 911 most sought after by the most purist Porsche collectors, have returned to growth.
Today it is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.


Modell993 Carrera
GetriebeManual 6 Speed

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