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1960 LANCIA FLAMINIA COUPÈ 2.5L Pininfarina

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Made from Pininfarina, the Lancia Flaminia Coupé represents the perfect union between class and elegance, combined with the highly sofisticated Lancia mechanics.
The Coupé was designed starting from the prototype named "Florida II", based on the chassis of a Lancia Aurelia B56, that together with an engine of 2.5L of 120Cv was capable of high performance for that time.
The Flaminia Coupé, made from 1959, was made from a smaller chassis, that exalted the desing pureness making the car more compact and littler if compared to the sedan the car was derived from. The elegant front of the car and the rear with a little inclination is the proof of this desing to make the car more slim.
As always, the interiors of Lancias are saloon made of high value finishes, with the circular instrumentation, to exalt the high refinement of the brand.
The car we offer has been restored 10 years ago from a wellknown Lancia Dealer from the North of Italy, and than left for a long period in a private garage, being unused.
The bodywork, interiors and the mechanics of the car are in very good conditions. The car has received recently a lot of work for the chrome parts, in the exterior and in the engine compartment.
The car is visible in our showroom, in Reggio Emilia.
Possibility of shipping in Italy and abroad.
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ModellFlaminia Coupè 2.5L Pininfarina

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