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1952 Lancia Aurelia B20 II Serie

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Chassis: B20 1767
Engine no. 1889
Body: no. 00774
Differential: no. 701
Carburettors: 2, Weber
Displacement 1990 cc
Cylinder 6, V Shape
Power 80 HP at 4700 revs/min
Certificate and Statements: ASI n. 0195, Historic Lancia Register no. 1143
MILLE MIGLIA Elegibility

The history of the Aurelia B20 II Serie

The Aurelia B20 is unanimously recognized by experts as Pininfarina's true masterpiece, which was entrusted with the final contract for the mass production of this model.
In March 1952, on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, the B20 2nd series was presented. The car has a modified distribution with a slightly increased compression ratio, unchanged driving torque, but a higher power (80 HP instead of 75) that pushes the car up to 162 kph.
The second series stands outwardly for the adoption of new chrome bumpers, for the back of the body where the so-called "tails" (codine in italian) appear and for the addition of a chrome profile under the doors, modifications that contribute to increase the lateral slimness of the car.
Inside, the new dashboard features two circular instruments, with a new tachometer.
Produced in 731 units from March 1952 to February 1953 in the B20 versions, coupé 2 doors, 2-3 seats and with right-hand drive.

Our Lancia Aurelia B20 II Serie
Car eligible for the MilleMiglia.
It is a unique B20, in good condition and customized according to the requests of its first owner.
This model is considered an "extra series" due to the modification of the floor gearbox, the three-spoke Nardi steering wheel and the original Lancia "Amaranto La Plata" livery.
Refined interiors with seats restored to new in double cream and brown coloring.
Every mechanical component of the car has recently been overhauled, so today this car represents an important opportunity for any collector of the Lancia brand looking for a "post war" car with good performance.

Today it is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.
This car is visible in Ruote da Sogno showroom in Reggio Emilia.


ModellAurelia B20 II Serie
GetriebeManual 4 Speed

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