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1973 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.6

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Chassis no. 1988133
Power 103 HP
Certificate ASI 1988133
Original Black Plate PG

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was born as the heir to the Giulietta and was produced by Alfa Romeo from 1962 to 1977. The Giulia was born during the years of the Italian economic boom and presents itself as a sports sedan. Famous is the advertisement of the time that was: "Giulia. The sedan that wins races."

The heart of the Giulia will become famous: a 4-cylinder with double overhead camshaft built entirely of aluminum, very advanced solutions for the time that allowed her respectfully performing.
In 15 years about 1 million units were produced between Giulia, Coupé GT and Spider Duetto (which had the same chassis as the Giulia).
This made the Giulia one of the best-selling cars in the history of Alfa Romeo; of these, 572,646 were made in the three-volume sedan version.

- Car with original black license plate, PG.
- ASI Registration
- Excellent condition of both bodywork and mechanics, recently re-painted in its original metallic grey color.
- Moldings, frames, gaskets, external rear-view mirrors, handles, bumpers, new emblems.
- The internal dashboard, including the wooden three-spoke steering wheel is original and fully functional.
- Restored seats, brown, as the door panels.
- Overhauled and fully working engine with fluid and precise gearboxes.

A car that has made the history of Italian motoring, much in demand the Super with prices rising sharply especially for models of this level.

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MarkeAlfa Romeo
ModellGiulia Super 1.6
GetriebeManual 5 Speed

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