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1995 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Cup Replica

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*First registration: 10/1995
*Color: Metallic Red, Turbo Cup Livery
*Interiors: Racing Seats
*Power: 230 HP
*GTV Cup Replica with several modification

The History
In the second half of the 1970s, road rallies had a large following, even minor ones and a victory in a test often had the same consideration as a triumph on the track in the Touring Championships. At the time, the car that immediately showed great potential for Alfa Romeo was the Alfetta GT, so it was natural to think of it to create a car capable of competing in the World Rally. The Alfetta GTV 2000L was presented in 1978 and had a power of only 130HP so that the Autodelta technicians to pump up its performance, resorted to a turbo, a solution that at the end of the 70s was not much loved by the designers of the Casa di Arese, which was thinking about the goal of reducing fuel consumption. Of this "limited" version, some were transformed by Autodelta into Group 4 to officially compete in the Rally championship, while another small part was used as an "experimental car" to test its efficiency or to search for new technical solutions. , which would later be adopted in racing. The result was a powerful, fast and flexible car, with a vigorous recovery starting from 1500 rpm, while around 3000 rpm the turbo enters strongly into thrust, which gives the driver good sensations.

Our Alfa Romeo GTV Cup Replica
Turbo Cup Livery.
The car has been under maintenance, in particular has been done:
- Camshaft
- Steering Box replacement
- Turbo overhauled
- Gearbox overhauled
In order to realize the Replica Version, those are the modification that has been done:
- Bigger Intercooler
- Direct Air Filter
- ECU Tuning
- Car trim + Strut Bar
- Upgrade front braking system with new Brembo calipers with 4 pistons + artisanal adaptors Spindle kit + front brake disk replacement, with installation of the original ones of the 3.0 V6 Alfa Romeo version.
- Sport pipe with metal racing cat. and racing muffle
- Weight reduction with removal of the interiors parts and installation of 2 OMP Racing Seats and Belt
- Racing Tyres
- Adjustable Spoiler
- OMP Conic Steering Wheel
- Lateral racing glass with sliding opening

It is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.


MarkeAlfa Romeo
ModellGTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Cup Replica
GetriebeManual 5 Speed

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