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1907 Adler 4/9 HP

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Adler is an automobile manufacturer founded in 1886 in Frankfurt am Main by Heinrich Kleyer, as a bicycle factory. Production then expanded to the motorcycle sector (with a tricycle) in 1899 and to the automotive sector in 1900 which will be the most prolific for the number of cars produced until 1939: only 25 models. In 1905 Adler was the first car manufacturer to produce all vehicle parts in Germany and among the mechanical innovations of that period we can mention the adoption of independent suspension and that of the production of the engine in single block with the gearbox. This very rare car, also known as "Doktorwagen", that is "The Doctor's Car" was purchased new by the “Conti Spalla”, wealthy cotton industrialists from Cuneo. The car was always their property until in 1970, a well-known collector from Biella, discovered it covered in dust, inside a dilapidated shed of the well-known Vittorio Olcese cotton mill. The car belonged to an heir over seventy years of the Spalla family, who decided to sell it to the current owner, after a long negotiation. Subsequently the car was restored with strictly conservative criteria in full respect of the originality of each part. This Adler was part of the parade of honor in Racconigi, for the meeting between Queen Elena and King Vittorio Emanuele. According to information provided by the Adler Club in Frankfurt, this 4/9 HP model is the only one in the world. The car is currently in excellent condition, fully functional and ASI license plate on it. Interesting is the original registration certificate, and some photographs of the time showing the “Conti Spalla” family alongside the car. Furthermore, part of its history is published in the book "Un Secolo di Sogni su Ruote".


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